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The current 2017 fee includes an annual fee plus a $50 refundable volunteer deposit. 

  $350 is the annual fee for a regular household, which consists of one or more people and does not qualify for the Senior membership.

$200 is the annual fee for a Senior household, which consists of one-two people where at least one is 60+. (maximum of 2 people)

Your membership requires you to deposit a $50 volunteer fee, which will be returned to you once you fulfill your two - hour service by September 24, 2017.
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**If you should volunteer before May 15th, your in-good-faith deposit will be waived.
**If you are unable to donate your time to serve the pool community, then you may choose to donate your $50 deposit, which will go towards pool maintenance and upkeep or special pool projects. Simply indicate this on your application.
Please see Volunteer for more information 
Notes about Membership:

*Open to anyone regardless of place of residence.

*Everyone pays the annual maintenance fee no matter how little or how often your household uses the pool.

*Seniors must pay in full by June 1st.
*Regular membership ($350) may pay in full by June 1st or may make two payments of $180 each, which must be made at the same time with the second check postdated July 1st.   
*Rates are for each household regardless of who in the household uses the pool. 
*Alternative payment schedules can be discussed with the Treasurer.

Guest Fee :

*Cost per guest is $2.00 per visit and must be accompanied by pool members. (see policies)
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