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General Rules


Guests are welcome when accompanied by pool members. There is a limit of five guests per family per day during regular pool hours unless pre-arranged with the pool manager. Cost per guest is $2.00 per visit. Please introduce all guests to the staff on duty when you pay the guest fee. Visitors who are not with pool members will be asked to leave. Members are responsible for their guests, and should accompany them for the entire stay. Do not leave without them. 

Swim Test

All children between the ages of 10-12 must pass a swim test administered by the lifeguard before they are allowed to use the pool without adult supervision. All children 9 and under must be accompanied by an adult, and under adult supervision while at the pool.

Pool Policies

Pool policies are posted on the bulletin board at the pool. Please be courteous to others and observe these policies. Remember that the pool is an alcohol and smoke-free area and that appropriate swimming attire is required (no cutoffs). 


706-549-9416. Except for emergencies, the telephone will be available for SHORT, OUTGOING local calls only. The phone should not be used to replace planning ahead for when to pick up kids, etc. 


The office is for the pool staff only. Swimmers are NOT allowed in the office. 

Pool Toys and Behavior

Diving from the side of the pool is not allowed in the shallow end. Please strictly observe the signs painted on the concrete about safe places to dive. 

No one will be allowed to congregate around the lifeguard station. There are blue lines painted on the concrete that indicate the lifeguard station; no one should sit or stand inside that blue line or anywhere close to it. It is important that our lifeguards are able to focus on watching swimmers. If you need to speak with a lifeguard, please do so during the 15 minute adult swim, when lifeguards have a break. 

During an electrical storm, no one should be in or near the pool for 30 minutes after thunder is heard or lightning is seen. 

No food, drink, or wrappers allowed within 10 feet of the pool. This is to keep our pool water clean, and to keep litter out of the pool. Please clean up after yourself and put all trash in a trash can or recycling bin as appropriate. 

Hanging or otherwise pulling on the railings at the steps is not permitted. This pulls the railings from the cement, and makes them unsteady. 

Small floats, inner tubes, water toys, and swimming aides are allowed only when they do not interfere with other members' enjoyment of the pool. 

Horseplay is not permitted. This includes throwing people in the pool, dunking, scuffling, striking, spitting or spouting of water, and running. No chicken fighting allowed (a person on another's shoulders). No chewing gum in the pool. 
Parents and Kids

Parents are expected to supervise their children while at the pool. Lifeguards have responsibility for many people swimming at any one time, and can not be expected to supervise or care for children, other than in the course of their lifesaving and first aid duties. Parents, please clean up after your children, which includes throwing away trash and returning toys to the bins located by the Pool Office. 

Baby Pool

Parents are responsible for their children in the baby pool. The baby pool is for the enjoyment of children 8 years old and younger. All children using either the baby pool or the big pool must be toilet trained, or in swim diapers. 

Adult Swim

On the hour, a 15 minute break for adult swim will be called. All children 15 and younger should clear the pool, and space should be made for swimming laps. Children must get completely out of the pool during the adult swim

Community responsibility

We are required by law to have a locked gate. Do not prop it open or let in non-members who are not your guests.

Consequences of Misbehavior

The lifeguards or Pool Board Members have full authority to eject any person from the pool area for a rule violation, and said person will be reported to the Board of Directors to determine the disposition of the person's privileges.

Pool Keys

Pool keys are issued to new members or exchanged for previous members at the open house (see website for dates). If you are unable to attend the open house, please contact a board member to obtain a key.
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